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Christophe Boisselier

  • Best Wine Waiter of Britain in 1987
  • Wine waiter of Jacques Thorel and Alain Chapel
  • Head wine waiter of Alain Passard
  • Since 1993, Christophe Boisselier delights the taste buds of Rennes’s (Britany) successful restaurants, ( Le Tire-Bouchon, Léon le cochon, La Hublais, Le Comptoir des Halles)
  • Teacher at Rennes’s wine waiters school
  • Consultant and trainer for restaurant’s staff speaker (conferences)

Christophe Essirard

  • After years of experience in the creation of several companies in the four corners of the world,
  • These numerous meetings with the creators of restaurants and hotels in the most beautiful places on the planet. Internationnal consulting
  • Christophe Essirard passionate by people, live and wine, is back in the south of France to share his new creation with restaurant’s owner and wine merchants